Maya Exchange is committed to all necessary procedures to ensure the security, safety and confidentiality of personal information provided by customers of all different descriptions (individual – company – institution), and this information is subject to periodic monitoring. It shall be submitted only to the official authorities authorized to obtain such information and upon an official request from the entity.

The Company is also cooperating closely with the entities responsible for the work of the company to prevent any crime related to the work through permanent coordination with the relevant institutions.

People who will access clients personal information are:

Front Office – Marketing – Legal & Compliance – Accounting – Information Technology – Government Institutions.

Note: Any special information being requested will show the name of the employee who requested the information.

Maya Exchange maintains personal information and transactions performed by clients for a specified period within the company’s electronic and paper archiving system in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Maya Exchange is located on social networking sites to help customers and interact with them in order to develop our services.